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(From Vatican Radio): Pope Francis met Monday, March 27 with Bishops from western Canada, who were in Rome for their visit ad limina Apostolorum (to the threshold of the [basilicas] of the Apostles).

The year 2017 marks two important pastoral events for our Archdiocese. The first is the launching of our Archdiocesan Synod and all the preparation that has gone into it; and the second is the Ad Limina visit to Rome for the Assembly of Western Catholic Bishops. Both of these pastoral events mark intensive opportunities to experience a special solidarity among the faithful. Our Synod has now moved into its second phase where the 9 Focus Commissions are working diligently on their topics so as to prepare white papers on various pastoral proposals for the Archdiocese to consider during the Synod sessions beginning this fall. The Ad Limina visit itself, was preceded by an extensive report to the Holy See by each of the western dioceses which gave an opportunity for the local churches to examine the general state of affairs within their communities. This was followed up by an extended conversation with the Holy Father about our various pastoral concerns and then, during a one week period, a series of visits to the various dicasteries ( departments) of the Holy See, to discuss a number of concerns and issues affecting the whole Church. The fruits of the Ad Limina will certainly have a place during our Synodal experience in the Archdiocese of Winnipeg over these next two years.

My blog will continue this theme of solidarity by sharing with readers, various experiences of Archdiocesan events during these Synod years. Thank you for taking the time to read through these reflections.

+ Richard

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