School Details

School Name: St. Charles Catholic School
Grades: K - 9
Address: 331 St. Charles St.
City: Winnipeg (West)
Province: Manitoba
Postal Code: R3K 1T6
Phone: (204) 837-1520
Fax: (204) 837-2326
Principal: Dr. A. Penny
Principal's E-mail:
Affiliation: This school is in the Archdiocese of Winnipeg.
Open House Information:

Wednesday, January 27/2016

Description: St. Charles Catholic School (formerly St. Charles Academy) is owned and directed by five parishes in West Winnipeg. Our devoted staff strives to meet the spiritual, personal and academic needs of our diverse student population. Our innovative Kindergarten program, which runs all day from Monday through Friday, has been a great success as it provides a more relaxed, enjoyable pace for young learners. Other family-friendly services offered include on-site day care, a before and after school program, a hot lunch program, violin/music programs, middle years electives and a NWHC Hockey Skills Academy.

Click on the link to view a 'Day in the life' of a Kinder Student at St. Charles Catholic School

St. Charles Catholic School

St. Charles Catholic School