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What can I do about the Federal Government's consultation on MAiD?Jan 24, 2020

"The Catholic faithful may wish to note that while the survey already assumes that access to euthanasia/assisted suicide will be expanded, it still offers the opportunity in three sections to provide comments. In these sections, those who wish may voice opposition to euthanasia/assisted suicide, indicating any concerns they may have about..." Click on the image for more information.  Click here for the online survey in English.

The Gaza Project - ExtendedJan 20, 2020

The Gaza Strip After leaving Gaza for Israel again, we soon discovered that the struggles, immense challenges and yes, successes of the amazing Catholic Community in Gaza, were to be repeated throughout the rest of the places our delegation visited in Palestine and Israel. The Catholic Schools are part of this in that they have been educating both Christian and Muslim Palestinians for a very long time and by doing so are building important bridges between these two communities.

St. Paul’s College recognizes Professor Rosemarie Finlay for 50 years of serviceJan 20, 2020

St. Paul's College, Winnipeg - On December 6, 2019, St. Paul’s College hosted a special gathering and presented Professor Finlay with a certificate and token of appreciation in celebration of her 50 years of service and dedication. “When one embarks on a career, one does not envision going forward 50 years. Rather, one goes step by step at a time and that accumulates over time. When I started, it was not my intention to teach and to serve for five decades, but here we are, a milestone achieved,” said Finlay at an intimate gathering in Hanley Hall in early December 2019.

The Guide for phase one of synod implementation, hearing the call,
now available!

God is at work renewing his Church in southwestern Manitoba! Click on the image below to learn more about our Synod Implementation process in the Archdiocese of Winnipeg, and how you can be part of it.


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