"Pentecost Sunday marks another milestone in our Synod journey. On June 9, 2019, my Post-Synodal Pastoral Letter, Disciples on the Way, will be officially promulgated. It provides a history of our two-year Synod process, the fruits that have resulted from it, and the basic principles of implementation applicable to all in the Archdiocese of Winnipeg." - Archbishop Richard Gagnon

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Importance of the Post-Synodal Letter

            This Post-Synodal Pastoral Letter is an official proclamation and as such is of great significance in the life of our local church. It is important that we carefully read the letter and consider its teachings.

Role of Parishes in Synod Implementation

            Synod implementation is primarily the work of each parish community. In due course, each parish will develop its own pastoral plan to address its particular needs.

Role of the Catholic Centre in assisting Synod Implementation

            The Catholic Centre staff will assist parishes in the work of implementing the Synod. Workshops will be scheduled in due course, and a “Parish Toolkit” will be developed to assist with practical matters. A Synod Implementation Coordinator will be hired to help focus our work and provide more direct support.   

How much time will it take to implement the Synod?

            Implementing the Synod will take time. This is a communal work and there is much to be gained from walking together. Synod implementation will unfold in stages – some work can be done immediately, while others may need to take root and unfold over a number of years.

What can each member of the Archdiocese of Winnipeg do now to implement the Synod?

Each of us can begin practicing Lectio Divina and so deepen our familiarity with Sacred Scripture. Groups can do this together, perhaps at the beginning of a meeting or gathering. We can also take part in the conversation about Disciples on the Way. Sharing your questions, joys, and concerns about the Letter, is part of the process. This Letter should not simply end up on a bookshelf or coffee table, but we should continually bring it to life through our conversations and the work we do as Church.