Retreat Centres

Centre de Renouveau Aulneau Renewal Centre Inc.          

228 Hamel Avenue                                                                             Phone: (204) 987-7090

Winnipeg, Manitoba                                                                              Fax: (204) 987-8880

R2H 0K6                                                                                    

St. Benedict’s Retreat and Conference Centre

Director: Sr. Mary Coswin, O.S.B.              

225 Masters Avenue                                                                           Phone: (204) 338-4601

Winnipeg, Manitoba                                                                          

R4A 2A1                                                                               


St. Charles Retreat Centre / Chemin Neuf Community

323 St. Charles Street Winnipeg, Manitoba R3K 1T6

Archdiocesan Organizations

Catholic Cemeteries Management Inc.            c/o Assumption Cemetery                                                               

Phone: (204) 888-7557

3990 Portage Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba R3K 1W3                           Fax: (204) 885-5834

Members of the Board: Tyson Buors Betty Pietkiewicz Rev. Gerard Ward

Superintendent of Cemeteries: Hipolito Alibin, Jr. Operations Manager: Tiffaney Van Norman


Archdiocesan Commission for Promoting Christian Unity     (Ecumenical Liaison)

Chair: Reverend Robert Polz  c/o St. John XXIII Parish                              See pg. 34

Diocesan Chair: Rosie Jodoin                                              email:


Development & Peace Manitoba Regional Office/Office (Bureau) Régional de Développement & Paix

151, avenue de la Cathédrale, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2H 0H6

 Animator/Animatrice: Janelle Delorme                                               Phone: (204) 231-2848 Email:


The Catholic Women’s League of Canada                                     

National Office:       C-702 Scotland Ave.  Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 1X5      

Phone: (204) 927-2310          Toll-free: 1-888-656-4040        Fax (also toll-free): (1-888) 831-9507

Diocesan President: Rose Anne Seymour

Past President: Con Marks

Diocesan Spiritual Advisor: Reverend Diosdado Parrenas


Diocesan Liturgical Commission                                                                                      

Director of Liturgy: Reverend Darrin J.G. Gurr               

c/o St. Gianna’s Parish, Winnipeg                                                

Diocesan Sacred Music Commission                                                                               

Reverend Geoffrey Angeles                                               

c/o St. Mary’s Cathedral                             


Nathanael: Christian Lay Ministries Formation Program                                              

 c/o Archdiocese of Winnipeg                                                                                   

Program Director: Ms. Helena Fitzgerald                 


The Summons: Christian Lay Ministries Formation Program                                       

c/o Archdiocese of Winnipeg                                                                                   

Program Director: Reverend Eric Giddins             

Phone: (204) 857-5172


Permanent Diaconate Community                                                                                    

Deacon Murray Teetaert                                                                                (204) 747-3903

Permanent Diaconate Formation                                                                                      

Deacon Doug Cross                                                                                      (431) 334-9438


The Pontifical Mission Aid Societies & Holy Childhood Association                           

 c/o St. Anthony of Padua Parish, Winnipeg                                                           

Diocesan Director: Reverend Dominic D. Yuen


Priestly Life & Ministry Committee                                                                                   

 c/o St. John Cantius Church, Winnipeg                                                                 

Chair: Reverend Yolando Gamallo


St. Joseph’s Priests Pension Plan                                                                                   

c/o Archdiocese of Winnipeg                                                                                   

Trustees: Reverend W. Richard Arsenault  Robert O'Keefe  Reverend Arthur Seaman



 Director of Vocations: Reverend Peter Nemcek                      Phone: (204) 947-0294 ext. 229

c/o St. Mary’s Cathedral: 353 St. Mary’s Avenue   Winnipeg, Manitoba    R3C 0M8


Vocations Committee: Reverend Dominic Yuen, Reverend Jorge Mante,  Reverend Christopher Dubois


Provincial Organizations

Catholic Charismatic Renewal Services of Manitoba (CCRS)  

230 Golden Eagle Drive     Winnipeg, Manitoba     R2K 4M4                                                               

Phone: (204) 895-7544               Fax: (204) 895-8878         

Contacts: Melvin and Maria De Paz


Catholic Foundation of Manitoba                    

622 Taché Avenue, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R2H 2B4                                                 

Phone: (204) 233-4268               Fax: (204) 233-1800         

President: Nicholas Chubenko Secretary: Elaine Bouillet


Catholic Health Association of Manitoba                             

409 Taché Avenue    SBGH Education Building Room N5067      Winnipeg, Manitoba      R2H 2A6    

Phone: (204) 235-3136              Fax: (204) 235-3811         

Executive Director: Julie Turenne-Maynard

Secretary: Gisele Bourrier


Catholic Women’s League                                                                

National Office: C-702 Scotland Ave.   Winnipeg, Manitoba R3M 1X5      

Phone: (204) 927-2310      Toll-free: 1-888-656-4040

Fax (also toll-free): (1-888) 831-9507                               

Provincial President: Rolande Chernichan

Spiritual Advisor: Reverend Paul Bringleson


knights of columbus                             

Manitoba State Council Office                                    

L01-1311 Portage Avenue    Winnipeg, Manitoba,    R3G 0V3                                           

Phone: (204) 663-8022        Fax: (204) 669-2477

State Deputy: Dan Shepherd                                       

State Chaplain: Reverend Michel Nault                                


Manitoba Interfaith Immigration Council Inc.                               


Welcome Place      521 Bannatyne Avenue      Winnipeg, Manitoba R3A 0E4                                                                      

Phone: (204) 977-1000       Fax: (204) 956-7548

Executive Director: Marty Dolin                                            

Executive Assistant: Barb Fletcher                                           


Serra Club of Brandon                                                                                                       

c/o St. Augustine of Canterbury Church                                                               

President: Beverly Hicks


Serra Club of Winnipeg                                                                                                      

18 Hillberry Bay       Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y 1J4                                                                         

Phone: (204) 487-7934

President: Irene Kirouac