A Festival of Stories

We are currently putting together the online summer edition of On the Way. Its theme is "A Festival of Stories", based on one of Archbishop Richard Gagnon's homilies during Holy Week. His Grace further developed the idea in one of his Friday Reports, saying that:
"We're thinking of having a collection of stories. These are experiences that parishioners have had, our Clergy and Religious, in terms of our faith life during these days of health crisis.
What are the stories? Are there little anecdotes? Are there full-fledged stories you'd like to share with us? I would simply encourage you to send in your stories to your Deans, and they would forward these stories to our Office of Communication [Services], and many of them will find their way to our On the Way magazine.

I really think that we will find these stories of faith experiences - how you're coping with the COVID-19 crisis - most interesting. And in all likelihood, very affirming of our Faith." (Friday Report, April 24, 2020)
Do you have a story that you'd like to share related to our life in faith during this historic time of pandemic?
If so, we'd like to hear from you!
We have a big Archdiocese so collecting all of the stories will be quite the challenge. To help with this great endeavour, the stories will be collected regionally. Forward your faith story through your Dean. Click here to view the Archdiocesan Directory and go to the end of the PDF to see the list of parishes organized by Deanery. Once you know who your Dean is, you may find his contact information through this listing
Thank you for your participation! May our Lord of Life and Light continually bless us!


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 On the Way seeks to further the work of God in our time by highlighting the key and pivotal Catholic stories in our community. The articles are not just the reporting of past news stories - rather, with great discernment, On the Way tells us: Here are the important issues in the Archdiocese of Winnipeg. Let us reflect on them carefully, and let us pray on them together as a community

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