Bulletin Insert Guidelines

For those wishing to include their Announcements in Archdiocesan communications platforms

One of our tasks in the Communication Services Office (CSO) is to make sure that your events and initiatives are made known to as many members of the Archdiocese of Winnipeg as possible. This is a great undertaking requiring your collaboration!

It is the CSO’s responsibility to distribute your promotional materials to parish offices, Catholic Centre staff, and Archdiocesan affiliates. It is your responsibility to put together the promotional materials and submit them to the CSO in a timely manner, to fulfil your advertising objectives.

Most of the parishes in the Archdiocese of Winnipeg use a website, printed bulletin, Mass announcements, or any combination of the three, to circulate information within their communities. Some of our parishes also have social media platforms. Keep in mind these various formats as you put together your Announcements. 

Remember these quick points as you put together your Announcement: 

1. Make your announcement short and straight to the point.
2. Use engaging and strategic words.
3. Identify clear means of getting back to you, should the reader require more information.

The primary objective of a Bulletin Blurb is to raise awareness about your event or initiative. The blurb should not be your only way of disseminating information. Ideally, you are piquing the interest of the reader, enticing them to get more details about your event/initiative. A good blurb should not be longer than 5 sentences. If it’s longer than that, the announcement probably belongs to a different format, such as a dedicated website, a letter or article, or a pamphlet. It is a good idea to have multiple means of advertising your event/initiative: (1) All of the details existing on a website or some sort of pamphlet, (2) concise Bulletin Blurb for distribution throughout the Archdiocese, (3) more “conversational” blurbs for social media use.

For those who are eager to go the extra mile! 

4. Include an engaging poster.
5. Include social media graphics.
6. Include (social media) platform specific blurbs.
7. Put together a video commercial for major events or initiatives.

Different audiences use different platforms for consuming information. Imagine a text written to academic standards, unfeeling and using precise technical language – but then the event is a Conference for Kids! It is a mismatch. Make sure that you have various blurbs geared toward specific audiences: memoranda or letters. for Church leadership, engaging and strategic blurbs for website and bulletin use, and conversational content for social media platforms.

Some administrative notes: 

8. Send your announcements to no later than noon on Mondays. Our weekly News Bulletin is sent out on Tuesdays at 7:00 am.
9. Send your blurbs through the body of an e-mail, or through Microsoft Word. Do not send announcements through PDF or any other formats. This way, your text can easily be copied and pasted onto a variety of publications.
10. If for some reason your announcement includes photos, send them in .JPG format. The Archdiocesan web platforms only take this photo format.

Think about the optimum timing for your Announcements. For major events, considering putting together a “Save the Date” announcement well ahead of time, followed by detailed messages/instructions closer to the start date. The timing of the announcements is up to you!



Contact the Archdiocese of Winnipeg Communication Services Office at, or through (204) 452 – 2227 ext. 225. God bless!