Receive, Cultivate, Share, Return

Education & Formation Tools

For further information and resources or training regarding these types of initiatives please contact:

(Entire Congregation)
(Small Groups / Parish Leadership)
  • Lay-witnesses at Mass
  • Time, Talent & Treasure Annual Renewals
  • Ministry Fairs
  • Ministry Catalogues
  • Time & Talent Opportunity Forms
  • Treasure / Giving Intent Forms
  • Newsletters
  • Weekly Bulletin Reflections
  • Monthly Bulletin Inserts
  • Posters
  • Website
  • Stewardship Days (Parish/Deanery)
  • Parish Missions on Stewardship
  • Guest Speakers
  • Video Presentations
  • Small Group Faith Sharing (Reflections on and Study of: US Bishops' Pastoral Letter, Stewardship in Scripture, Pastoral Vision - Building a Church of Communion)
  • Mini- Stewardship Retreats
  • Weekend Stewardship Retreats
  • "Little Burgundy Books" - Daily Reflections on Stewardship
  • Gift Discovery Workshops
  • Attendance at International and Regional Stewardship Conferences
  • Faith-Based Financial Planning Workshops (Discover how through practicing good Christian Stewardship one can bring a balance and peace of mind to their personal finances)