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Holy Week Activities, Loyola Press
Virtual Resources for this time of social distancing, Busted Halo
Listening to Christian Music
Best Lent Ever - Dynamic Catholic
Daily Scripture Reflection, Salt & Light Media
Three-Minute Retreat, Loyola Press
Daily Devotional, Magnificat


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2017 Public Way of the Cross Programme - St. Mary's Academy (5414 KB)

LifeTeen - Stations of the Cross (796 KB)

Believing without Proof (184 KB)

Learning One's Prayer Style (637 KB)

He is Risen (32 KB)

Lectio Divina (58 KB)

Chosen by God (87 KB)

Morning Prayer (1) (74 KB)

Thirsting for God (79 KB)

Morning Prayer (2) (109 KB)

Creating Prayerful and Worshipful Prayer Services -- Resource Booklet (862 KB)

Gifts of the Holy Spirit - Closing Prayer (293 KB)

Opening Prayer to the Holy Spirit (56 KB)


Gifts of the Holy Spirit (20 KB)

Catholic Social Teaching (19 KB)

Scripture and Film - Sacrifice (30 KB)

Icebreakers - 105 Games by T. Richter (219 KB)


Advent and Lent at Home Family Program

Introduction to Advent Program (157 KB)

1st Sunday of Advent (191 KB)

2nd Sunday of Advent (228 KB)

3rd Sunday of Advent (232 KB)

4th Sunday of Advent (258 KB)

1st Sunday of Lent (209 KB)

2nd Sunday of Lent (215 KB)

3rd Sunday of Lent (222 KB)

4th Sunday of Lent (217 KB)

5th Sunday of Lent (205 KB)

Holy Week (201 KB)

1st Sunday of Advent - Year C (114 KB)

2nd Sunday of Advent - Year C (116 KB)

3rd Sunday of Advent - Year C (116 KB)

4th Sunday of Advent - Year C (114 KB)

1st Sunday of Lent - Year C (684 KB)

2nd Sunday of Lent - Year C (111 KB)

3rd Sunday of Lent - Year C (666 KB)

4th Sunday of Lent - Year C (638 KB)

5th Sunday of Lent - Year C (563 KB)

Holy Week - Year C (682 KB)